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Back in time, year 2000, the word hablablow poped someday in my brain. I can’t remember having thought of something else. I liked the sound, the shape and the rythm of letters. The addition of the two words: Habla and blow up… Hablar is the verb to speak in spanish… It had a very personal meaning for me at that time, wich is still true at some degree today. The idea that an image is just stronger than any spoken words or discourse… That an image could just blow up words… And it’s the idea holding this site, showing my creative muscules and aptitudes outside typical gestures or spoken patterns.

About me

My name is Guillaume Stricher… I’m an organic individual beyond these pages, living in Paris, France. Like many others, my soul belongs to this city…
I have two passions… First, what is in front of my eyes in my everyday life: my wife, my son, my dog, my family and my friends… Or what’s not there, what I can imagine, build or discover when I meet with other people, listen to some music or watch the grey skies…
Second passion: my activity as a designer and director. I’m deeply attached to all aspects of images and very excited when it’s time to think of something new to build.


For all you virtual addicts out there.
This site is powered with Textpattern. Tetsted and running perfectly on minimal machines such as a a Win2k 900Mhz desktop or an OSX 1.33Ghz laptop.
Fully working in all modern browsers. I’m too lazy to give all the details but do know it’s even working in Ie 6.
No use of any top-model JavaScript library, just plain old school tweaks, scripts adapted and hundreds of hardcoded lines to suit my needs. Shabeedo dobeedo wadowa shabadapop…

Thank you

Special thanks goes to my family, they have never judged me even if I may have appeared sometimes in the middle of a vast virtual nowhere. A big thank you goes to all the people around here that supported me during this trip: Cedric, Benoit, Thomas, Virgile, Mathieu, Marie, Alex C, Alex H and all others that kept asking “How’s your project…”. Thank you also to all the communities that have helped among wich the members of the LATech javaScript list and the large list of contributors of the Txp community.
A five star thank you goes to Roger R. You know what you value.

Not a secret anymore

Secrets, System sauce, Credits and Acknowledgements

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